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About Catlike

Catlike is a high-end brand focused on the development of performance helmets and gear for demanding athletes. Founded in 1996 Catlike has a strong heritage. The well-known “oval design” is an exclusive mark that distinguishes our premium helmets all over in a peloton, worldwide. The ergonomic, lightweight, and safe design, developed in unison with aerodynamic performance and ventilation at the highest level, guarantee an experience of excellence for our athletes.

More than 20 years of knowledge and experience in helmet development: from design and technological studies to the manufacturing and distribution processes, strengthened by intense and demanding daily activities. Artisan experience combined with the latest technological innovations have created unique products which represent us in the sports industry.

Catlike Spirit

“It’s time for a new competition, for a new challenge.
Feel free and connect. It’s worth a try.

It’s time to live the moment.

Embark on a new adventure with your best ally
– the Catlike equipment.

Our harmonious passion for cycling leads the effort to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Catlike products become an extension of your body,
so you forget you’re wearing them and just focus on enjoying the ride.

Their ergonomic, lightweight, and safe design makes them look as good as they work.”

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