Catlike warrants to the original purchaser of the product (“you”) that the Catlike product for which you have received this warranty is free from defects in material or workmanship. Unless otherwise stipulated by local law, this warranty is limited to two years from the date of purchase and covers only your original purchaser.

If your product was delivered with or developed, any problems, please contact us through the form below before returning the product and paying unnecessary shipping fees. Catlike will assume the shipping costs whenever the two situations described above occur.




Catlike cannot be held responsible in relation to the product, nor assumes any warranty, in the following cases:

– Products that have been modified, neglected, or not properly maintained, used for commercial purposes, misused, or involved in accidents. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to examine the product regularly to determine if there is a need for normal service or replacement.

– Damage incurred during the transportation of the products (these claims should be directed to the carrier directly).

– Products whose serial number, or other identifying marks, have been altered, defaced, or tampered with.

– Products whose decals or surface finish/color have been removed or altered.

– Products purchased used, or without original packaging.

– Returned products that are incomplete (e.g. missing components).

– Damage resulting from incorrect assembly or repair (or techniques used), use or installation of components or accessories not compatible with the original purpose of the product, or failure to comply with warnings, installation, and operating instructions relating to the product.

– Products purchased from unauthorized distributors.

– Products purchased through unauthorized distribution channels (e.g. unauthorized internet seller, barter, or private entities) or products originally intended to be sold in a country other than the country of purchase.

– Damage or deterioration to the surface finish, aesthetics, or appearance of the product.

– Natural wear of the product.
Components may show signs of wear in less than the warranty period, depending on the frequency of use, type of use, and other conditions. This includes products that have reached their expected end of life before the warranty period expires.

– Damage due to excessive exposure to heat, such as prolonged direct presence in a car window, or excessive shoe wear, even within the 2-year warranty period.

– Commercial claims made by any dealer, distributor, commercial seller, or reseller (not on behalf of an individual consumer).

– Any product for which the consumer does not follow the warranty procedures outlined above.

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